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    Tired of searching the Internet for Answers?

    We’re here to help. Let our team consult with you regarding any aspect of the Canadian immigration process. Whether you have questions related to an urgent situation or just considering your various options, our team exists to provide clarity and insight for any situation, simple or complex.

  • Do you find traditional law firms intimidating?

    Mahogony desks? Ox-blood leather chairs? Forget it! We’re just as uncomfortable visiting old-school lawyers as you are. We’re down-to-earth and accessible. We can provide consultations at our office, over the phone or through Skype in such a way that makes you feel relaxed, un-rushed and listened to.

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    If you’re self-filing your application, you’re already saving money. So if a question does come up that isn’t easy to answer, have our team answer it for you in just a few minutes! We’ll have you back on track in no time.

It was so much easier to come and speak with someone rather than trying to figure it out online. - Amanda K - Vancouver, BC.

HOW DO WE WORK? We offer our undivided attention and professional advice within the context of scheduled consultations.

We begin each consultation by establishing a clearly defined scope and goal for our time together. This will lead us to diving specifically into the details of your particular situation and immediately identifying top-of-mind questions. Grounded in these facts, we will spend the remainder of our session providing you with the clarity that you are seeking.

If you have specific questions relating to any aspect of the Canadian immigration process, regardless of complexity, we will provide you definitive answers in a way that is easy-to-understand.

If you are seeking strategic guidance for a particular situation or are simply in the discovery phase, we will provide you with a clear presentation of the most practical and efficient means to move from where you are now to where you are trying to go. We will plot this using actionable steps along a detailed roadmap; carefully crafting a path free of confusion and uncertainty.

Our promise, and guarantee, is that you will leave our consultations with a conclusive understanding of your situation and the immediate steps required of you to correctly move forward.

Our fees for consulting begin at $200 CAD. Should you require additional time to discuss matters of greater detail and complexity, we pro-rate our charges accordingly. Furthermore, all fees paid for our consulting services can be used as credit towards the total cost of our full-service applications.

In addition to individual consulting, we provide corporate-level consulting for companies seeking to achieve a variety of outcomes, including: intra-company transfers, establishment of international recruitment strategies, executive re-location and training for HR departments who are internally processing LMIA and PNP applications.

Regardless of the circumstance, we’re here to help.

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