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  • Business visitors

    Being caught unprepared and without the proper documentation at a Canadian Port-of-Entry could throw off your schedule or even keep you from entering the country. Our Canadian visa services for Business Visitors provides total assurance against any unwanted surprises during your stay in Canada.

  • Canadian Citizenship

    Applying for Canadian citizenship is a daunting task that demands persistence, accuracy and a healthy dose of time. We know all the places where the system ties up an application, and we get ahead of these issues before they add days or even months to the process of becoming a Canadian Citizen.

  • Criminality & Denied Entry

    You may find your way to Canada barred if you’ve committed or been convicted of a crime in another country. The process of gaining entry into Canada with a criminal record is both confusing and frustrating, and if done improperly, could lead to your refusal at the Port-of-Entry or even your arrest. However, with the right support, many of these difficulties can be overcome.

  • Detention Review & Admissibility Hearings

    Permanent residents and foreign nationals detained by the CBSA for immigration reasons have a right under the law to an independent hearing to review the reason for their detainment. Allowing us to help prepare your case and locate the proper documents and testimony will greatly increase your chances of an immediate post-hearing release.

  • Family Sponsorship

    Custody issues, divorces and complex international adoption laws can make sponsoring a family member to Canada a burdensome and confusing nightmare. Our goal is take the pain out of the process and ensure your loved one gets to Canada as soon as possible.

  • PR Card Application or Renewal

    Applying for or renewing your Permanent Residence card is usually the last thing on your mind. But ignoring it for too long could cause it to expire and leave you scrambling to have a new one issued. With our done-for-you service however, we’ll take care of the details – so you don’t have to.

  • Refugee Claim

    Canada is welcoming to refugees who have legitimate grounds for seeking asylum and our goal is to assist you in proving those grounds before the Refugee Protection Division. Asylum laws in Canada have changed drastically and it’s imperative that experienced counsel represents you before the IRB.

  • Start-Up Visa

    Few countries are as welcoming to entrepreneurs as Canada is. In fact, the Start-Up Visa Program was launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 2013 with the sole purpose of connecting bright-minded entrepreneurs to designated funding organizations within the country. If you’ve had trouble finding funding for a business idea, our immigration experts and fellow business entrepreneurs in Canada can help.

  • Study Permits

    Canada offers some of the finest schools and courses of study in the world. However, the complex process of obtaining a Canadian Study Permit can make studying here a difficult task. We make the process a whole lot easier, not just with your Study Permit, but with securing admission to the school of your choice.

  • Super Visas

    Super Visas are a fast and effective way of bringing your parents or grandparents to Canada for the long-term. However, many of the sponsors we speak with just don’t have the time to research the requirements, collect the supporting documents and file an application. We help Canadian permanent residents and citizens sponsor their loved ones through government-issued Super Visas. Best of all, we make the entire process fast and hassle-free.

  • Visitor Visas

    Over 200,000 people visit Canada every year. Some come for the beautiful scenery, others for family and more still for business conventions and meetings. It’s a popular destination for many reasons, but it can quickly become frustrating if you don’t know what visa requirements are expected of you. We help you avoid any mishaps with your visa, so you can get here and experience Canada for everything it has to offer.

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