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    We’ll meet with you to discuss your eligibility requirements and optimize a route that gets you to Permanent Residence faster. We’ll also outline exactly what you need in order to obtain your Permanent Residence and provide you with detailed instructions for acquiring all necessary documentation to get started.


    We act as your personal project managers for the entire Permanent Residence process. That means we’ll do the heavy lifting and decision making, you will only need to follow our instructions. We’ll complete all the complicated government forms and draft legal submission on your behalf. We’ll also ensure that every single piece of supporting documentation submitted to CIC is 100% accurate: reference letters, government IDs, educational documents, police clearances and affidavits.


    Dealing with CIC and the PNP offices can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t understand the procedures and protocol for correctly communicating with each agency. Should you undergo a change in marital status or family composition during processing, failure to correctly update CIC will likely result in misrepresentation charges – the most serious of immigration offences. We eliminate this worry by acting as your Authorized Representative and communicating with CIC on your behalf. We deal with all communication and prepare detailed written submissions as required.


    We subject your application to a rigorous set of checklists filled with over 200 points of reference: during processing, during pre-finalization and once more before it leaves our office. Every form and document is screened by at least two members of our team, every signature is verified and all data is triple-checked before your application is submitted through expedited UPS service.

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What is Permanent Residence? Canadian Permanent Residence is a status which allows the holder to stay in Canada indefinitely but without the rights and privileges of being a Canadian Citizen.

Permanent Residents have the right to:

  • Receive most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including access to universal healthcare
  • Live, work or study in Canada without restriction
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship after they have fulfilled their residency obligations

Permanent Residents cannot:

  • Vote in Canadian elections or hold a position in political office
  • Hold some government jobs requiring a high-level security
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frequently asked questions

Q: Do Permanent Residents retain their native citizenship?
A: Yes. Permanent Residents retain the citizenship of their home country.
Q: What are my obligations as a Permanent Resident?
A: In order to maintain Permanent Residence status, you are required to be physically present in Canada for 730 days out of every 5-year period. If you do not maintain your residency obligations, you may lose your right to permanent residence status.
Q: What streams are available to me to become a Permanent Resident?
A: Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides numerous streams to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. These streams are:

Occupation Based

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program through Express Entry
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program through Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Canadian Work Experience Based

  • Canadian Experience Class through Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Family Based

  • Spouse/Common-Law Partner Sponsorship
  • Family Class Sponsorship

Investment Based

  • Immigrant Investor Programs
  • PNP Business Immigration

Funding Based

  • Start-Up Visa Program

Circumstance Based

  • Refugee Protection Program
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
Q: How does your consulting service work?
A: If you would prefer to have a chat with us before engaging our full-service applications, we offer prorated hourly consulting to discuss the regulations and procedures surrounding the entire process. If you just need advice and want to tackle this on your own, we’re here to help.

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