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    Clearly Articulate Your Recruitment Challenges

    It’s next to impossible to receive a positive LMIA until you prove to ESDC that you’ve exhausted every option for finding workers in Canada. We’ll guide you through the technical advertising and recruitment process as well as writing detailed appendices to clearly communicate your staffing problems to Service Canada.

  • Head Off Potential Setbacks and Errors

    Even the slightest error in an LMIA application can provoke rejection. We're familiar with every technicality that will stop or even erase the progress you've made to recruit international staff. Our years of expertise ensures that your application reaches ESDC free of costly mistakes.

  • Get Your Project Up and Running Faster

    A project’s future can be held off indefinitely while you wait to receive a positive LMIA from Service Canada. We help speed up the process by ensuring all documentation filed is done 100% in accordance with ESDC guidelines so you get your desired projects off the back burner faster and with less hassle.

Delays with LMIAs can cost us millions. You kept your promise to have our guys show up on schedule. - Dwayne M - Fort St. John, BC.

What are Labour Market Impact Assessments? Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) are government-issued documents stating whether or not hiring a foreign worker in a particular occupation will have a positive or negative impact on the Canadian labour market.

LMIA Fast Facts:

  • All LMIAs are issued by Employment and Social Development Canada
  • LMIAs are location and occupation-specific documents that cannot be transferred from one location to another
  • Without a positive LMIA, most Canadian work permits cannot be issued
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frequently asked questions

Q: How do I prove that there is a weak labour market in my industry?
A: You must show proof that a weak labour market exists in a particular occupation in a specific geographic area before you can offer employment to foreign workers. Usually this means demonstrating to ESDC that you’ve taken extensive measures to find Canadian workers that meet your requirements. Job advertisements created through federal and provincial job banks, print media, online and elsewhere must be proven before you can receive a positive LMIA.
Q: Will ESDC question me regarding my application?
A: It is common for ESDC to speak with you to verify certain details of the application. Speaking to ESDC program officers can be intimidating for some people. We will ensure that you are able to clearly articulate your company's position to the officer in a way that is coherent.
Q: How does your consulting service work?
A: If you would prefer to have a chat with us before engaging our Labour Market Impact Assessment service, we offer prorated hourly consulting to discuss the regulations and procedures surrounding Labour Market Impact Assessment applications. If you just need advice and want to tackle this on your own, we’re here to help.

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