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    It could be devastating to you and your spouse if you complete the application process only to realize your spouse was ineligible for sponsorship or your application was filed under the wrong class. We solve this problem by thoroughly assessing your eligibility and filing your application under the most optimal sponsorship stream.


    Your application requires a defensible position to be successful. Utilizing our unique application framework, we concretely establish your relationship through a combination of legally-sworn statements, detailed photographic evidence and comprehensive documentary evidence. The factual details of your relationship are not only extensively corroborated but also clearly presented. That’s our difference.


    Our reputation has been built upon the unmatched quality of our submissions. Crafted with intention and expertise, you can expect yours to be perfect too.


    Too much is at risk when things go wrong. It takes only a simple mistake to provoke an immediate rejection of your file. To avoid disaster, we'll be responsible for making the critical decisions and managing every detail on your behalf .

It took less than 4 months. We wasted an entire year trying to figure this out ourselves. - Jamie and Lucas - Vancouver, BC

Our Spousal Sponsorship Service We’ll complete the entire application process for you.

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frequently asked questions

Q: Is my marriage legal in Canada?
A: Marriage is established by law and the marriage must be legal in both Canada and the country where it was performed.
Q: Does Canada consider Common-Law status valid for spousal sponsorship?
A: Yes. Canada considers Common-Law status that is established by fact, and begins once a couple cohabits continuously for a period of 12 months and has set up affairs together in a “marriage-like” fashion.
Q: Are same-sex marriages legal in Canada?

A: Yes. Same-sex marriages are legal in Canada. We can assist you in sponsoring your same-sex partner so long as the marriage was performed in a jurisdiction where it is legally recognized.

However, if you are unable to marry your same-sex partner legally, we can still help! Ask us about Conjugal Partner Sponsorships.

Q: How does your consulting service work?
A: If you would prefer to have a chat with us before engaging our full-service applications, we offer prorated hourly consulting to discuss the regulations and procedures surrounding entrance to Canada for your loved one. If you just need advice and want to tackle this on your own, we’re here to help.

We can help you sponsor your spouse to Canada

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