Sep 16, 2021

Destination: Fort St. John

Study Permit and Post-Secondary Admission


The Problem

We were contacted by the Applicant in May 2020.  23-years old and from Mexico, the Applicant had arrived in Canada as a visitor just before the pandemic hit and was now looking for options on how to extend his stay in Canada.  He had arrived in Canada to visit some local universities and colleges, but he wasn't sure exactly how to go about seeking admission or applying for a Study Permit.

His passport was expiring and we had to figure out some options, and quickly.

How We Helped

We immediately assisted the Applicant by helping him acquire a new passport through the Mexican Embassy in Vancouver and directing him to complete the IELTS Academic exam.  We then set out to find suitable universities and colleges who would be able to facilitate the Applicant on a limited budget.  We presented several options to the Applicant and eventually secured admission for him in Northern Lights College in Fort St. John, BC.  With affordable international student fees and a uniquely Canadian setting, it was a perfect match.

Upon securing admission, we then proceeded to prepare a Study Permit application for the Applicant.  The major constraint was that because he was inside Canada with visitor status, we had to file the application with the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City.  We helped the Applicant draft a detailed and coherent Study Plan, outlining how and why his studies in Canada would contribute to his overall professional development back in Mexico.  We helped the Applicant compile his financial documents and assisted with procuring the right proof of ties documentation, including property statements and letters of attestation from his relatives in Mexico.

The Result

After patiently waiting for more than 10 weeks, we received a positive decision from IRCC and the Applicant was issued a two year Study Permit for his Diploma program at Northern Lights College.

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