Sep 10, 2021

Mechanics Needed Urgently

LMIA and Outside Canada Work Permits

United Arab Emirates

The Problem

We were contacted by the Company in February 2021 as they were going through some significant challenges in recruiting experienced Commercial Truck Mechanics for their busy shop in the Lower Mainland of BC.  Normally operating a 3-shift 24-7 schedule to service the ever-growing needs of the BC commercial truck fleet, the Company had recently been forced to cut operating hours due to a severe shortage of staff.

The Company knew that they wanted to utilize the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to help fill some of their vacancies, but wasn't sure of where to start the process in obtaining the proper authorizations, nor were they certain of where or how to recruit skilled foreign workers overseas.

How We Helped

After conducting a thorough assessment of the Company's current available options to hire outside of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, we commenced work on a comprehensive Labour Market Impact Assessment application under the Stream for High-Wages.  We managed and conducted authorized domestic recruitment activities for the Company in accordance with ESDC's mandated requirements for a period of 6 weeks.  During the domestic recruitment phase, we were successful in helping the Company fill 2 of its vacancies domestically, which was of immediate relief.

Next, we began preparing the various aspects of the Company's Labour Market Impact Assessment application, including:

  • The Mandatory Government Paperwork
  • Comprehensive Canadian Recruitment Summary
  • Proof of Advertising and Authorized Recruitment Activities
  • Financial Disclosure, including T2 Summaries, PD7A Statements and T4 Summaries
  • Business Licenses and Corporate Documentation
  • Mandatory Transition Plan, including a detailed outline of all proposed activities and associated timelines
  • Labour Market Data
  • Extensive documentation relating to the Company's efforts and challenges in recruiting domestic workers
  • Detailed Written Submissions to preface and present the legal basis for the Application

Once the Application was submitted at the end of March 2021, we commenced a wide-spread international recruitment campaign as Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters.  Utilizing our established global networks and through our own manual sourcing, we located a number of qualified and suitable candidates for the Company's review.  These candidates were located in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand.  After several rounds of intensive interviews and technical competency evaluation, the Company was positioned to make a final section of candidates from our curated pool of talent.

The Result

Four weeks after we submitted the file to ESDC, the Company was contacted for an interview with an assessing ESDC Officer.  In preparation for the interview, we compiled a detailed briefing for the Company's management and spent time with Company staff going through important aspects of the application in anticipation of questions and concerns to be raised by ESDC.

The interview proceeded successfully without further requests for information and 4 days later, we received a positive decision for all positions requested.  We then commenced work on the full relocation of the selected workers to Canada.

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