Cover Page Template Kit

Get a Professionally Organized Application

We have found over the years that using a well-organized set of cover pages helps to better organize and present an immigration application.  Reviewing officers don't have an opportunity to just pick up the phone and ask, "What is this?"  Rather, they're left to do their best in figuring out what is what and why you chose to include in the application.

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Our Cover Page Template Kit contains a comprehensive guide and sample Cover Pages that can be added to organize and present your Canadian Immigration Application.  As more and more applications move online, it's difficult for viewers to navigate through large, compressed PDF files in search of the document they need.  Using Cover Pages helps to guide the viewer to where they're trying to go.

Having a well-organized set of Cover Pages will provide important context and detail to every aspect of your application.  We don't prepare files without them.

Reviewing Officers will be able to:

  • Get a general sense of what is included inside individual files
  • Easily navigate to the particular documents they are wanting to find
  • Get a contextual understanding of how certain documents are related to each other
  • Review documents in groups and in sequence, such as Canadian Employment Records and Tax Records grouped by year
Our Cover Page Template Kit Includes:
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Cover Pages and Sub-Cover Pages Instruction Guide
  • Purpose of Cover Pages and Sub-Cover Pages
  • Process for Creating Cover Pages and Sub-Cover Pages
  • Customizing Cover Pages and Sub-Cover Pages
  • Format Recommendation
  • Customizing the Cover Page Template - Passport (Full)
  • Customizing the Sub-Cover Pages Templates - Passport and Canadian Work Permit
  • Sample Cover Pages and Sub-Cover Pages
  • Passport (Full)
  • Proof of Funds
  • Cover Pages and with Sub-Cover Pages Editable Template
  • Proof of Education
  • Proof of Ties
  • Employment Record for Express Entry

Having a confusing and disorganized application is a recipe for confusion.  Our Cover Page Template Kit will help you get things organized and looking professional.

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