Verification of Employment Template Kit

Get Reference Letters and VOEs Done Correctly

Verification of Employment and Reference Letters are the backbone of most modern immigration files.  They provide the government with the critical evidence they need to evaluate your work experience and award you points based on what you have claimed.  Any errors or omissions in your VOEs or Reference Letters can lead to loss of vitally important points, or even worse, a refusal.

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For Express Entry applications in particular, VOEs and Reference Letters MUST contain certain information in order to be accepted.  Our Verification of Employment Template Kit provides a comprehensive guide and sample Verification of Employment templates that can be used when preparing your Canadian Immigration Application.

Verification of Employment Letters can be used for:

  • Express Entry - eAPR Applications
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Provincial Nominee Program Applications
  • Visitor Visa Applications
  • And many more

Employers often ask for a sample of what they need to write and sending one of our templates is an easy way to help them get on the right track rather than having them guess, only to have them send you an incomplete VOE that won't be accepted.

It's vital that VOEs contain exactly the information that IRCC requires in the format accepted for processing.  Any deviation from this could lead to complications.  Purchase our Kit to ensure that what you're submitting has a standing chance of being accepted by IRCC.

Our Verification of Employment Template Kit Includes:

  • Disclaimer Page
  • Verification of Employment Instruction Guide
  • Purpose of a Verification of Employment
  • Process for Creating a Verification of Employment
  • Customizing Header and Footer
  • Format Recommendation
  • 4 Sample Verification of Employment and editable templates
  • Human Resources Officer (NOC 1223)
  • Current employment
  • Previous employment
  • Carpenter (NOC 7271)
  • Current employment
  • Previous employment

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