I don't have a credit card to book online, do you offer a different method of payment?

Yes. We accept Interac Etransfers, Cash, and Cheque. Please call us at (604) 259-6600 and we will be happy to schedule you in manually.

How can I find out what you charge for different services?

We discuss fees, in detail, once we can get a full understanding of the scope and nature of your situation.  Please schedule a Discovery Call so that we can get a clear understanding of how we can help.

Can I book more than one Discovery Call?

Each client is limited to one Discovery Call and are intended for new clients only.

I just had a consultation with you, but I have one more additional question, what should I do?

We have a fixed, one email follow-up policy.  Beyond a single email, you will be required to book a second consultation or retain our services.

Do you provide travel visa services for countries other than Canada? (Brazil, China, for example)

No, we do not.  At this time, we only provide immigration and visa services for Canada.

I would like help to get a job in Canada, do you provide employment placement services.

As an immigration company, regulated by ICCRC, we do not provide employment placement services.  Our affiliate company, GlobalMobility.io, does provide these services.  Please visit the link to register as a Candidate.

Before I schedule a paid consultation, can you tell me my chances of a successful application?

No, we would not be able to do that.  We would first need to learn from you the full details of your case, ask you many questions, and review documentation before commenting on the estimated probability of success of a particular application.