Do you provide travel visa services for countries other than Canada? (US, Brazil, China, for example)

No, we do not. At this time, we only provide immigration and visa services for Canada.

I don't have a credit card pay online, do you offer a different method of payment?

Yes. We also accept Interac E-Transfers, Cash and Wire Transfers.  Please call us at (604) 259-6600 or reach us by email at admin@vancouvervisas.com to receive further instructions.

How can I get an exact quote of fees for larger services?

If a fixed fee price is not listed on our website, we will discuss fees, in detail, once we can get a full understanding of the scope and nature of your situation. Please schedule a Basic Consultation l so that we can get a clear understanding of how we can help.  Alternatively, we provide a general fee list on our Pricing Page to give you a clear understanding our baseline fees.

What causes your fees to vary or differ from person to person?

In general, number of family members, marital status, type of relationship, previous relationships, previous refusals, and/or inadmissibility issues are what contribute to variations in pricing.  For example, a Spousal Sponsorship file may see one couple who has already been married for 10 years, has no kids, and no previous sponsorships, whereas another Spousal Sponsorship may see a newer common-law relationship, with custody issues and a previously refused sponsorship.  Both of these files are Spousal Sponsorships, but the underlying complexity of each will determine the final fee that we quote you once we can get a full understanding of your situation.  Because we operate on a fixed-fee basis, we take the proper measures to accurately assess the work to be done and provide you with a predictable fee structure right from the beginning.

Can I book more than one Consultation?

Absolutely.  Many of our clients choose to work with us on a Consultation Only basis and schedule several calls throughout their immigration process.  From one to a hundred, it totally works for us!

I just had a Consultation with you, but I have one more additional question, what should I do?

If you have booked an Advanced Consultation with us, your booking includes a single e-mail follow-up.  If you have booked a Basic Consultation with us and still have additional questions, you will be required to make a second booking.

Before I schedule a Paid Consultation, can you tell me my chances of a successful application?

No, we would not be able to do that. We would first need to learn from you the full details of your case, ask you many questions, and review documentation before commenting on the estimated probability of success of a particular application.

I would like help to get a job in Canada, do you provide employment placement services?

As an immigration company, regulated by ICCRC, we do not provide employment placement services.  Our affiliate company, GlobalMobility Recruitment, does provide employment placement services for foreign workers.  If you are interested in working in Canada, please register as a candidate here.

If I purchase the digital products from you, are you able to help me use them?

The digital products we sell are for general information and educational purposes only.  They are not a substitute for professional or legal advice.  We sell them as a general reference only for self-filing applicants and are used best in conjunction with our Guided Retainer or a series of Advanced Consultations.

I want to immigrate to Canada, how can you help me?

We provide a wide range of services to those wishing to immigrate to Canada.  From the major skilled worker programs to family sponsorship, we can create a solution that works for your situation. To get started, please schedule a paid 30-minute Basic Consultation with us to allow us an opportunity to learn more about you, get an understanding of your background and goals, as well as pinpoint some actionable steps moving forward.

What's with your name? Does your company only provide services to those in Vancouver?

Our company started as Vancouver Visa Services.  Over the years it got shortened to Vancouver Visas and many people still just refer to us as VVS.  But yes, we provide Canadian visa, immigration and citizenship services all across Canada, except for those destined to the province of Quebec.  Don't let the name fool you, we work with everyone from Victoria and St. Johns!

A program or service I am interested in is not listed on your website, how can I find out if you provide that service?

We provide many services not currently listed on our website.  If you are interested in finding out exactly how we can help you, please schedule a Basic Consultation here.  Alternatively, reach out to us through e-mail at admin@vancouvervisas.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.