How We Work

Get our expertise and professional services in the way that works best for you. From a 30-minute Consultation to Full-Service Representation, we are here to simplify, clarify, and help get you where you're trying to go.


Paid Consultation


Book a Consultation
This is the simplest way to begin working with us.

We offer both 30-minute and 60-minute prepaid appointments, available over the phone, through Zoom, or in-person at our office in downtown Vancouver.  No strings attached, no representation forms, just straightforward expert advice.

Our promise is that you will leave every appointment with conclusive answers to your questions, a clear sense of direction and an action plan that you can follow to get where you're trying to go.

Basic Consultations are 30-minutes in length and are best used for going through a list of your questions, finding out which options are available to you, discussing general application processes and feasibility, and to get a general assessment of your situation.

Advanced Consultations are 60-minutes in length and are for more substantial matters, including documentation and application reviews, and to discuss complex situations.

Booking for both is done through Acuity Scheduling. Payment is taken at the time of booking and we require a 24-hour cancellation notice.


Guided Retainer


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Get on-demand help, without representation.  Perfect for DIY support.

Our Guided Retainer is as straightforward as it gets.  We keep track of all time spent working with you on your file and just charge you a simple pro-rated hourly rate.  Think about it like a "pay-per-use" plan.

This is a great way to work with us if you're self-represented.  You will have access to our expert advice and consultation on an on-going basis, including email support, documentation review and scheduled review sessions to help keep you on track.  We will be providing input, advice and guidance along the way, but we won't be able to represent your file or act on your behalf with IRCC.

Or, if you're a Canadian company with on-going immigration issues within your organization and you'd like to have someone just an email or phone call away to provide clarification and guidance for all issues as they arise, working with us through a Guided Retainer is a simple and easy way to keep things in order.

Guided Retainers are billed at a pro-rated hourly rate of $250.00/hour, and we bill only for actual time spent working with you on your file.  For example, if you have a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes on the clock with us between emails, phone calls and a documentation review, you'll receive a bill for just $416 + GST.  And that's it.

To get started, we take an initial payment of $250.00 and you'll need to complete a simple one-page Limited Scope Retainer Agreement with us through Adobe Sign.


Full-Service Representation

Fixed Fee

Book a Consultation
Our highest-level of service.   We will prepare and handle your file from start to finish and act on your behalf before all Canadian Immigration Authorities.

Retaining us under a Full-Service Representation Retainer will ensure that your file receives our undivided attention and focus from beginning to end.  If issues arise, we will act on your behalf and deal with the appropriate government agency to prepare responses and submissions.  Be one of our thousands of satisfied clients who made the right choice in retaining us to get the job done.

What's Included:

  • We will prepare every aspect of your application and direct you in collecting necessary information.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated member of our team to personally guide you throughout the entire application process and will work alongside you every step of the way.
  • We will collect your data securely and conveniently through scheduled data collection meetings.  No trying to figure out government forms by yourself.
  • We will prepare customized and detailed Document Checklists, clearly outlining instructions and guidance for each document that we require.
  • We will prepare all government forms and supporting documentation, triple-checking all data across three members of our team for complete accuracy and data integrity
  • After carefully reviewing your application and supporting documentation, we will prepare a professional submission letter which prefaces your application. Our handcrafted submission letters present your entire application to the reviewing officer and provide a detailed overview of your eligibility, addressing any issues that require detailed explanation and cite all relevant Canadian immigration case law pertinent to your file.
  • We will then submit your application through our designated IRCC Authorized Representative's Portal or via first-class courier if your application is required to be submitted in hard-copy format.
  • As required, we will provide further submissions on your behalf to address any immediate concerns the Visa Officer may have regarding your application.
  • If an interview is requested, we will prepare you for your interview and conduct a mock interview beforehand.
  • We will handle all passport requests and final processing of your issued documents.
  • If necessary, we will communicate with the visa office responsible for your file to correct any information on your visa that may be inaccurate.
  • We will provide you with guidance and instruction on activating your COPR, Visa or any other status at a Canadian Port of Entry of inland IRCC office.
  • Our fees include our appointment as your Authorized Representative with Citizenship Canada.
  • Our fees include all ongoing consultation, support and communication with our team of expert and licensed staff.
  • Our fees include the use of our firm's Canadian mailing address during the entire application and immigration process so that all communication from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is received by our staff and responded to you on your behalf.

To start working with us through a Full-Service Retainer, you will first need to schedule a Basic Consultation with us to confirm your eligibility and to discuss fees and a timeline.  We will credit the cost of any Basic Consultation towards your Full-Service Retainer.

Our fees for Temporary Residence start at $300 CAD and $2500 CAD for Permanent Residence files.  You can view our individual services pages or our Pricing Page for more details.

Why Work With Us?

  • We are organized.
  • We have a history of success. We have submitted thousands of successful files across a wide range of challenging circumstances before IRCC, ESDC, CBSA, PNP, and the IRB.
  • We are client-experience-focused, working around your needs to tailor a custom application process.
  • Late night, early mornings, no tech, high tech. We work with you to make things happen – on your terms.
  • We take a strong analytical approach to files and prepare expert submissions.
  • We have predictable, transparent, and straightforward billing.
  • We offer fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
  • We are process-driven and meticulous in our preparation.
  • We will keep you updated, apprised, and immediately informed of all updates with your file.
  • When problems arise, we know who to talk to and how to get things solved.
  • We are experts in our field and strong advocates working on your side.

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