Study Permits In Canada Are Changing

What You Need To Know (In Matthew's Words):

Study Permits will be issued in two stages.

  • Stage 1 takes care of the school portion, the hard pre-requisites which includes documents such as Letter of Acceptance, Proof of Funds and more.  Once Stage 1 is issued, students can begin studying online through Distance Learning.  From our understanding, IRCC will issue a letter to the students requesting that they check the school if the course program is still available, then
  • Stage 2, which deals with the nitty gritty with respect to students' admissibility and immigration eligibility such as Medical Examination and Biometrics Collection.

The official Study Permit will be issued after Stage 2.  What remains unclear is what happens to students and fees if Stage 1 is approved but Stage 2 is refused and the student is in mid semester.

As per IRCC guidelines, "50% of a total program of study is calculated based on the number of courses completed in Canada. In a situation where part of a semester is completed in Canada and the other part online overseas, IRCC will consider that the semester was completed in Canada. Applicants may have to submit additional documents from the DLI."

Read the full article here: Study permit: COVID-19 program delivery

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