Our Professional Fees

We provide Canadian immigration, visa and citizenship services at fixed fee rates.  As each file has its own set of complexities and unique characteristics, we sometimes need to adjust rates above and beyond what we have listed here.  We will come to an agreement about that before commencing work.

Government Fees

Our professional fees are exclusive of government fees and GST.  Generally speaking, these are the government fees you can expect to pay for each type of service we provide:

Visitor Record / Temporary Resident Visa
Study Permit
Work Permit (Employer-Specific)
Work Permit (Open)
Permanent Residence (Adult)
$1,050 - $2,075
Permanent Residence (Dependent Child)
Citizenship (Adult)
Citizenship (Dependent Child)
PR Card

For a complete list of fees, please visit IRCC's Fee List Page

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