Work With Us

Your first call with us won’t cost you anything.  We’d like a chance to listen and understand your situation before offering our services to you.  This is our 15-Minute Discovery Call and can be held over the phone or on Zoom. At the end of our Discovery Call, you will have several choices of engaging us further.

The Process

Schedule your 15-minute Discovery Call

Find out your options and choose your level of service

Begin working with us


Place an order with us

We have no minimum order requirements.

We will find you suitable candidates.

We will source your requirements in our local markets and prepare a shortlist of candidates for you.

Candidates will be chosen for an interview.

We will then facilitate interviews to be held, either in-person or via video or telephone call.

Offers of employment are made and accepted.

We handle the immigration paperwork.

From start to finish – including employer registration with IRCC, submitting offers and obtaining work permits.

Candidates arrive in Canada and commence work.

We have no minimum order requirements.

No LMIA Required.


Is a Discovery Call mandatory?

Our Consulting Services:

A Discovery Call is not necessary if you would like to immediately book a paid consultation with us.

Book a Paid Zoom Consultation Directly Here or Book a Paid Telephone Consultation Here.

If you would prefer to meet in our office for an hour, you can schedule an In-Person Consultation Here.

For Fully-Managed Applications, we'd still like an opportunity to quickly touch base and confirm the details of your situation before agreeing to take on your file. Schedule a Discovery Call Here.

What options do I have to work with you?

Our Consulting Services:

Firstly, if you would like more scheduled time with us to discuss any aspect of your situation or the immigration process, you will be able to schedule a paid consultation that can be held with us over the phone, by Zoom or in-person at our office.

Book a Paid Zoom Consultation Directly Here or Book a Paid Telephone Consultation Here.

If you would prefer to meet in our office for an hour, you can schedule an In-Person Consultation Here.

Secondly, if you would like our professional advice in writing, we can conduct a full hour-long assessment of your situation or file, and then prepare a written opinion letter for you.  You can then use this guidance for making a decision or as a blueprinted roadmap for preparing and self-representing your own file. Book Directly Here.

Thirdly, if you are preparing an application on your own and would like to work with us on a limited scope basis to provide advice and to review the contents of any application materials that you have prepared yourself, we offer a packaged "done-with-you" level of service for any category of application.  This is a convenient and cost-effective option for most routine Express Entry, PNP and Family Class applications. Schedule a Paid Application Review Here.

Our Fully-Managed Application Services:

If you would prefer for us to take the reins, we would love to confidently guide you down the path.  We offer fully-managed application services for all Canadian Permanent Residence streams and Temporary Residence categories, as well as full-scale representation before IRCC, CBSA, ESDC and the IRB.  Even with a clear understanding of how to proceed, most clients prefer that we simply take things over.  In this way, you're no longer responsible for making decisions or trying to figure things out.  We're now completely in charge of the entire process.