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Some of our success stories

  • common law sponsorship I'LL MEET YOU THERE

    Nothing but thumbs up.
    I had my PR within 6 months. - Stephan and Denise, Calgary, AB.

    How we delivered

    Born as a Canadian citizen overseas, Denise had never lived in Canada prior to 2014. As a result, we were faced with a number of complexities to resolve before filing her sponsorship application, in particular, her unique tax status and establishment as a "returning" Canadian. Forced to separate in the Netherlands, the couple needed a fast and favourable outcome. Less than 6 months after submission, Stephan landed in Calgary as a Permanent Resident - a year ahead of Vienna's posted processing time of 17 months.

  • common law sponsorship Love is worth the wait

    We didn't think it would be possible, but it was. - Alex and Max, Whistler, BC.

    How we delivered

    Alex and Max came to us for help in preparing their Family Class application as Common-Law Partners. They were worried because they had not been diligent in keeping detailed records during their relationship. We worked with Alex and Max to obtain this required documentation, including affidavits of support. Only 7 months after submission, Alex received her Canadian Permanent Residence - without needing to leave Whistler.


    It couldn’t have been any easier. - Tommaso C - Vancouver, BC.


    We were retained by Tommaso's employer during their executive search for an Italian tax specialist to manage operations in their Western Canadian office. With the only qualified candidate located overseas, the company needed us to prepare and submit an LMIA application on their behalf. We quickly secured a dual-intent LMIA for the company and facilitated Tommaso's entry into Canada on a work permit. Only 8 months later, we secured Tommaso’s Permanent Resident status through the Canadian Embassy in Rome as a Federal Skilled Worker with Arranged Employment.


    How did that happen so fast? - Ian & Lauren - Vancouver, BC.


    Ian and Lauren were in a long-distance relationship that required them to travel frequently between New York and Vancouver. They retained us before their wedding so that we could have their entire application ready to submit as soon as they were back from their honeymoon. We submitted their application on April 8th and had their COPR issued on June 2nd. This was our fastest approval ever - only 56 days from start to finish. The posted processing time for CPC-O was 16 months.

  • spousal sponsorship STuck in brazil

    We thought it would take 12 months. You made it happen in 4 months. - Lucas and Katie - Surrey, B.C.

    How we delivered

    After 5 years of being together while on athletic scholarships in Missouri, USA, Lucas and Katie were forced to separate from each other in 2012. Following a long year apart, they married in August of 2013 and came to us to begin the spousal sponsorship process. Expecting another 12 month wait, we surprised them when our 332-page Family Class application secured Lucas’ Permanent Resident Visa in only 4 months.

  • Federal Skilled Worker A New Life In Canada

    My case was re-opened and my medicals were re-issued within 4 days. - Rabindra & Laxmi - Calgary, AB

    How we delivered

    Almost 2 years after filing their Permanent Residence application, Rabindra and Laxmi’s FSWP file was rejected by CHC New Delhi without proper cause. They immediately retained us for help. We wrote to the New Delhi Program Manager and made compelling submissions on their behalf. Only 4 days later, their application was re-opened and medicals re-issued. They landed in Calgary, Alberta as Permanent Residents in September 2013.

  • Refugee Claim Asylum Found

    Fleeing gang violence, you helped me gain refugee status in Canada. - David C - Surrey, B.C.

    How we delivered

    In July 2012, David arrived in Canada to work as a seasonal blueberry harvester. Once in Canada, he began sharing his story about the deadly gang violence he feared back home in Jamaica. Months later, David filed a Refugee Claim at Vancouver’s Refugee Protection Division and retained us to prepare and represent his claim at the RPD. We won the case and in early 2014, David was granted Protected Person status in Canada.

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